One of the Greatest Deceptions of All Time

Aliens. This is probably going to be one of the “off-est” posts I’ll ever write, but I just read a book on this topic, and I thought I’d share with you some of what I found about the true nature of this phenomenon, the true nature of “extra terrestrials.”

First of all, the book I read is called Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection, by Gary Bates, published by Creation Book Publishers.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail right now (mostly because I’m feeling sick to my stomach from pregnancy, and have to do this quickly). However, there are several very good points I will highlight for you all; if you get the book, you can read the rest yourself.

Point #1

Aliens cannot be highly intelligent life forms that have evolved on other planets. Why not? Because evolution is a false theory. It cannot have happened here on earth, and neither can it have happened anywhere else.

Point #2

According to the Bible, our whole universe is centered around the earth and on the humans inhabiting it. God made the earth (it was present on Day 1) before He made the sun, moon, and stars on Day 4. Mankind was the pinnacle of God’s creation; they are the only created beings said to have been made in the “image of God,” and were given dominion over the whole earth. It was man’s sin that cast the whole universe into a state of chaos and entropy (decay), and it was God in the form of man that came to save it. How strange that God would never even once mention beings from other planets, if that were the case! How strange–and unfair–that Adam’s sin would afflict beings millions of light years away who would not have had any thing to do with this earth and his disobedience; and, how strange that the Son of God would not have considered them worth saving!

Point #3

Even if intelligent life existed on other planets far, far away, they would be too far away (millions and billions of light years) for travel to earth to be practical. What’s more, if they were that far away, how did they even find out about earth, which would be too far away for them to notice us, in all likelihood? And, if they were to fly at the speed of light, or even half the speed of light, this would create huge problems for their spacecraft, such as the gigantic amounts of energy needed to propel their craft forward, not to mention the fact that at such high speeds, even a speck of dust could decimate a spaceship.

Additionally, those “aircraft” that have been supposedly sighted perform aerial acrobatics that defy physics and that would surely destroy any and all life within their spacecraft as a result of the immense forces exerted on it.

Point #4

Most sightings have been of provable frauds or have been based on natural occurrences mistaken for UFOs. However, a small portion of sightings and experiences do not appear to be based on frauds or natural occurences; there seems to be no other explanation than that they are somehow “real.” And this is the scariest part of all: these “real” experiences usually involve the “aliens” giving people messages about a New World Order, about how all religions lead to God, about how evolution is real, about how Jesus was just a nice guy, and about a cataclysmic time yet to come, when a whole bunch of people will be “beamed” away to an airship and sent to another planet!

Even more sinister, is that these beings, contrary to what they say, do not appear to have the humans’ best interest at heart, since they are supposed to have performed horrifying and degrading “scientific” experiments on their subjects, having no regard for their feelings or for the trauma that inevitably results. Many “abductions” involve the aliens having sex of some sort with their subjects.

Point #5

The author concludes that these so-called aliens are actually evil spirits. Everything fits: their deceptive aircraft and lies about evolution, the Bible, and the nature of God (they say they want to help us “reach a higher consciousness,” “achieve the next level of our evolution,” “help us become like gods” . . . sound familiar?); their evil and heartless treatment of human beings; and the fruit of their work–depression, insanity, and suicide in many cases. Many people who have had experiences were previously involved in the occult or in drugs.

Most telling of all, those who had the discernment to understand what was happening to them during an “abduction” and who called on the name of Jesus, were rescued immediately from the “aliens,” who acted as if they were hurt by just the mention of that Name! This experience conflicts with the generally accepted view of aliens as extra terrestrials from far-off galaxies and is therefore not publicized by the major UFO societies, but has nevertheless been unofficially documented by them, as well.

My Conclusion:

Most people think that aliens–meaning intelligent beings from other planets– are real. However, they are being deceived by the culture–and by the so-called “aliens” themselves. Aliens are actually evil spirits from another dimension–the spiritual dimension. Actually, the whole world is being prepared for the coming rule of the antichrist; they are being prepped to accept strange sights and notions so that when the time comes, lights and signs in the sky will seem natural. They will even be prepared to accept super-beings with super powers (evil spirits masquerading as our alien saviors). When Bible prophecy comes true, people won’t see it as fulfillment of the Bible: they will see it as fulfillment of what the “aliens” told them would happen, leading them even farther away from the true God and the salvation of their souls.

The message of this book was actually not new to me; I had read about the true nature of aliens in another book I picked up from the library years ago: Return of the Nephilim, by Chuck Missler, which appears to no longer be available under that name, but I found a book by a similar name on his site: Alien Encounters, by Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman. There is also a DVD and an audio CD available titled Return of the Nephilim. For a taste of his interpretation of this issue, and the biblical support he provides, you can read his articles on Koinonia House here.

Personally, I have thrown out all movies, including Lilo and Stitch, that have alien themes. I don’t want my children to be sucked into the idea that aliens are real and that they are benign, and neither do I want them to become desensitized to what appears to be, in effect, one of the greatest deceptions of Satan yet. 


  1. Sanae.T

    I have read some Japanese (non christians) insists that Jesus Christ was a alien.

    In movies,video games, cartoons, we see many fictional beings which does not conform to worldview bible tells.Aliens,wizards,fairies,witches,monsters…I think that we should be careful.Because to be familier with those things (too much)can twist our world view and let us think that they are acceptable.
    I think that your this article is precious warning.Please take care and thanks!

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      Thank you, Sanae!
      I absolutely agree with you! In the book I read, it says that aliens are very popular in Japan, and I wondered if that was something you had noticed, too.

      As for fairies, etc. I read that historically, demons have “appeared as angels of light” such as fairies and mythical sylvan creatures. So, these things are actually of a demonic nature, and not just cute “fairy tale” stuff–which makes me wonder why Christians would want to celebrate these things by having fairy ornaments and such in their homes?

  2. Kanbei85

    Nice post! Did you know it is now also a movie ( coming to US theaters nationwide on January 11th for a one-night screening? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      Thank you for letting us know, Kanbei85!
      Yes, it was advertised by I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it, though. But, assuming they will put it on DVD, I plan on purchasing it when it comes out.

  3. Diana J.

    Great points. This is pretty much what I had concluded over some years of thought – I’d like to read that book sometime!

    When I was an ardent evolutionist, I thought aliens were a not-unlikely probability. Really, if it could happen naturally here, why not elsewhere? It was only after I looked at it from a biblical perspective that I questioned it. It’s so interesting how everything fits into worldview in the end.

    Feel better soon, my friend! Happy New Year!!

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      Thanks, Diana!
      I agree that our view of reality is heavily — perhaps totally influenced by our worldview.

      Interesting how far you’ve come from being an “ardent evolutionist”! I’m glad to have you as a friend!

      1. Diana J.

        Not only an ardent evolutionist, but a proponent of extreme population control, too. Oh, boy – just goes to show you that you never know where you’re going to end up in life! God is good!!

  4. Regina Shea

    I’ve always been suspicious of so called “aliens”. Tim and I would watch these silly documentaries about alien encounters and they just sounded so silly!
    How are you feeling by the way? Do you know when you are due?

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      I’m feeling yucky. But, it probably won’t last the whole pregnancy, judging from previous experiences. I think the baby will be born sometime around August? Just a guess right now. I’ll let you know more later.

      Thanks for asking!

  5. Ruth

    Never really contemplated about this.
    We watched ‘Space Ship Enterprice’ as kids.Well my Brothers did.
    I ALWAYS(!!) prefered ‘Little House On The Prairie’,
    since i’m the oldest i usually soon decided that it is time to switch channel,ha,ha.
    To me it definitely makes sense that ‘sightings’ of Aliens might be actually evil spirits trying to decieve people. -And mentioning the name of JESUS will certainly chase them away for GOOD.

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      I actually used to like Star Trek! ha, ha. And I liked Little House on the Prairie, too!
      However, I know now more than ever that Star Trek is just science fiction, without any link to reality.
      Thanks for your comment!

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