Comment Policy

My motive in creating this site is four-fold:

To ENCOURAGE other ladies to follow the Bible in what it says about our role as women, so we can grow together in the truth.

To SUPPORT other ladies in that role through helpful tips and practical articles.

To SHARE real-life stories and experiences, so other ladies can know they are not alone in their struggles and can be inspired to keep having faith in our Savior.

To ENGAGE other ladies in edifying discussion, so we can uplift each other and care for each other.

We are a community of like-minded women helping each other grow in our feminine role — this is NOT a forum for debate.

However, I will allow for some mild disagreement, as long as the following points are observed:

  1. The comment is respectfully, politely worded.
  2. The comment is in alignment with sound Bible doctrine.
  3. The comment is supportive of the goals of this blog (see above).