Modesty is:

Having enough respect for ourselves and for others to cover up what we could show off . . . if we were more vain.

Agreeing with God that nakedness is shameful.

Adorning our “temples” (bodies) with loveliness and humble dignity.

Loving Jesus more than sexy or stylish outfits; cherishing His Word and obeying it.

-J. Roldan, The Heavenly Hearth

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It is my belief that the way we dress is an extension of what we believe–about ourselves, about our relationship to others, and about God.

As Christian women, dressing modestly through a skirts-and-dresses-only lifestyle carries with it a bold statement, a visible message that we are in agreement with biblical, old-fashioned roles. Old fashioned, but not outdated.

Women of previous decades knew what feminine dress represented, and some fought against it:

By wearing pants, a woman outwardly associated herself with the authority exclusively held by men. In daring to be photographed while wearing trousers, these iconoclasts broke the delicate and fragile mold in which the ideal female image had been made and re-created themselves as autonomous and self-made women.

This brief quotation is from the introduction to the book Women in Pants: Manly Maidens, Cowgirls, and other Renegades, (page 17). Clearly, wearing pants became a “thing” for more than practical reasons. Though it is reasonable to dress in non-constrictive, safe, simple clothing, this does not necessarily mean we must dress like men to do it. There are ways of dressing in a practical, feminine way without wearing pants. It would seem, then, that these mold breakers were rebelling against more than tight corsets; they were rebelling against what they considered restrictive roles.

Ultimately, they were rebelling against God.

Though the Bible does not tell us “thou shalt wear skirts and dresses only,” it does tell us to dress modestly

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel . . . ” (1 Timothy 2:9)

and to be distinctly feminine

“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man . . . ” (Deuteronomy 22:5)

It might be possible to wear pants somewhat modestly and even to look feminine in pants through our appearance overall, but it is wearing skirts and dresses that marks us definitively as ladies of old fashioned values in the strongest way possible.

When we combine modest, caring behavior with modest, feminine dress, flowing from a heart that is motivated by love for God and for others, we can make a powerful, godly impression on our families and on the world around us. It is most often the little things in life, done with the right attitude over a long period of time, that make the most difference.

My closet experienced a “radical” transformation in the Spring of 2012. I purged it of most of my pants, leaving only two pairs for “just in case.” It wasn’t long after that I realized I didn’t need them, since I could do pretty much anything in a skirt or dress. So, I got rid of the two pants and have been fully skirts and dresses only ’till this day.

Has it been hard? Not really, no. I find skirts and dresses very comfortable and practical. The hard part has been in feeling alone. Though I may see some ladies at the store who appear to be wearing a skirt or dress as part of their religious beliefs, the ladies at my home church do not do so. Branching out into the online world has helped me find other ladies who think alike, and we have been able to support each other.

On this blog, The Heavenly Hearth, I will share tips and encouragement for living a feminine, skirts-and-dresses-only lifestyle. Look for these articles on the sidebar of the blog under Categories, or read more about modesty here.

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