The head covering symbolizes all that is strong and anointed about biblical womanhood. The head covering is gentle, feminine, meek, quiet, tender, and yet filled with the authority of the Sword of the Spirit. It is a powerful demonstration that the wearer, a daughter of Eve, refuses to follow the aforementioned in her independence and susceptibility to deception because she has been transformed by Jesus.

-Dr. Carlton C. McLeod, A Return to Head Covering: A Needed Symbol in the Contemporary Church, page 70

(The headwrap in the featured image above is from Garlands of Grace)

Headcovering: Is it legalistic?  Not necessary? Outdated? Oppressive?

Dr. Carlton McLeod, who wrote the book A Return to Head Covering: A Needed Symbol in the Contemporary Church, doesn’t think so. After studying this issue honestly while working through 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 with the congregation he pastors, he came to the conclusion that headcovering should be practiced by modern Christian women during the acts of praying or prophesying. He first preached a sermon on this topic in order to present the truth about this to his church, and then later wrote the book quoted from above. He hoped the book would be a way to inform fellow Christians about headcovering as taught in the Bible. He also wrote it as a way to encourage those sisters who had decided to cover.

His sermon was featured on the Head Covering Movement, a popular site which “seeks to spark a return to the practice of head covering during corporate Christian worship.” Mr. Jeremy Gardiner founded the site in order to bring attention to this neglected Bible teaching. Presented on the site are articles, testimonies, videos, books, and quotes from well-known church leaders — all in support of headcovering. It is a goldmine of information. Mr. Gardiner also wrote his own book, Head Covering: A Forgotten Christian Practice for Modern Times, further elucidating this issue for those seeking answers.

In fact, there are plenty of resources now available — whether in the form of books, blogs, or shops — that support headcovering for Christian women. Clicking on the link to the Head Covering Movement site will connect you to many of those resources.

I began my own headcovering journey around November of 2012 and have been consistently covering at church and while reading the Bible and praying with my family at home ever since.

Yes, I have struggled with feeling awkward and out of place at times. But, I have not given up. Having a firm grasp of why we, as Christian women, should cover has helped sustain me. Meeting other headcovering ladies online has also helped. Throughout this process, I have learned the truth of the following concept: We are stronger together than we are alone. 

It is my hope that this blog, The Heavenly Hearth, will be another source of inspiration and information for ladies looking for headcovering support and for encouragement in living a life of biblical womanhood.

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