Tips for Staying Warm this Winter – In a Skirt!

A chilly wind pricked my skin and seemed to seep right into my bones. My husband and I were on our daily stroll around the block in our neighborhood, coffee mugs in hand, sipping and chatting intermittently. With each gentle burst of wind–or passing car–yellow leaves swirled across the black pavement into bright piles on the roadside. The sudden chill caught my attention and reminded me: It isn’t Summer anymore.

As Fall fades into Winter, not only do steaming hot cups of coffee or chocolate become more of a necessity, so does a change in wardrobe! Much as I enjoy the freedom of leather thong sandals and flowing peasant skirts, they are no longer comfortable in 60-degree (or less) temperatures.

“Skirts are impractical,” I’ve heard it said. However, after five and a half years (so far) of wearing skirts and dresses only, I’ve found that statement to be mostly untrue. And during the winter season, not only is it mostly untrue, but a little silly, as well. Why? Because if we wear them the right way, skirts can actually keep us warmer! Let me share a few tips on how to keep toasty this winter while wearing a skirt.

Tip #1 Wear Leggings

At Walmart the other day, I noticed a huge selection of leggings: fleece-lined leggings, “jeggings” (leggings made to imitate tight jeans), regular cotton leggings, leggings with designs, plain leggings, and acrylic athletic leggings.

From experience, I do not recommend anything with a high percentage of polyester, since this makes fabric cling. Because of that, I usually look for the plain, cotton leggings. Even better for me, since they only cost about five bucks a pair–less, if they’re on sale.

During the summer, I wear capri-length leggings under all my skirts. I’ve found this helps with chafing and provides more modesty. This past summer, I found four full-length leggings on sale for three dollars each, then chopped off the section below the knee–without hemming them (I know that’s incredibly lazy, but nobody sees them anyways, right?). Now that it’s colder, I’ve picked up a couple more full-length leggings; but this time, I didn’t trim them. They work wonderfully under all my skirts. They’re also wonderful when paired with tall boots.

Tip #2 Wear Tall Boots

Leggings can be tucked snugly into tall boots for added warmth.  I have a couple pairs of tall boots: one with suede leather and “fur” lining, and the other with smooth leather and nylon lining. Though they were purchased on sale (as gifts from my husband), they still cost more than the canvas slip-ons I usually wear. However, the price is worth it for something that will keep my legs from freezing, and will last for many years, as well.

Tip #3 Wear Knitted Leg Warmers

I don’t personally have any of these, but I’ve seen them and they do look cute. They could be worn over the boots to cover more of the lower leg, up past the knee. Along with the leggings underneath, they would be very cozy, I think.

Tip #4 Wear the Right Skirt

My peasant skirts, though I still wear them out of necessity (I don’t have a huge selection of skirts, and that’s okay) are not, however, the top choice for bitter-cold winds. Ideally, I would get a skirt made out of thick, denim fabric. Also, it’s important that the skirt be long enough to cover the legs down past the top of the boots.

Tip #5 Wear Sweat Pants

I’ve never actually done this; I don’t even have sweat pants. But I’ve seen it recommended on another blog, and I think it would be a great idea for really cold days. They wouldn’t have to be the baggy sort; a nice, snug pair of sweat pants–or something made of similar fabric–could be a warm step up from the thinner, ordinary leggings.

Tip # 6 Wear a Slip

A silk slip can provide another layer of warmth. It also keeps skirts from clinging. I got mine from New Creation Apparel and love it!

Tip #7 Stay Indoors

If it’s too cold for a thick denim skirt and a silk slip worn over fleece-lined leggings tucked into tall boots with knitted leg warmers over them . . . then maybe it’s too cold to go out.

However, following all the tips above should help with the rest of those regular, chilly winter days. In fact, as I said before, wearing a skirt in the right way will probably be much warmer than pants!

What tips do you have for keeping toasty warm this winter in a skirt or a dress? Share in the comments below!




  1. Rosemarie

    After many years of wearing skirts of all lengths (always past the knee) I have found that in the winter mid calf a line denim skirts or ankle length a line denim skirts work best for me.
    During the harsh Winters here in Maine (often times below zero) long underwear made with wool, fleece lined tights & adhesive body warmers. Yup, an adhesive body warmer attached to the inside of my long underwear. Oh and I can’t forget I get really cold from my feet so I wear the brand Smartwool socks pulled up to my knees with a pair of tall lined boots (sized up to accommodate for the bulky socks & fleece lined tights). I usually look like a marshmallow when I am done dressing but it keeps me warm & cozy.
    That’s my trick here in Maine.
    Today I am heading out for Friday grocery shopping. It’s 23f outside without the wind chill so I am bundled in all of the above with warmers added into each boot lol
    Well, I hope this helps someone stay extra toasty this winter!

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      Jessica Roldan

      Thank you for all the great pointers!
      Here in Arizona, it rarely gets below zero (you must have laughed when I mentioned 60 degrees being cold, ha, ha).
      I forgot to mention long underwear–great idea! But, I don’t know what adhesive body warmers are. Are they like plastic that stick to your skin?

  2. Regina Shea

    Oh and speaking of slips my friend suggested taking a full slip, cut off the bodice and sew in elastic to make a half slip. I think I will make a few of these for my girls because they have skirts while I have dresses only.

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      Thanks, Regina!
      Yes, leggings are definitely a must! I like your friend’s idea of trimming a full slip to make it into a half slip. I don’t have any full slips because of nursing, but I suppose that if I found one I liked on sale at a thrift shop, I could always fix it afterwards.

  3. Rosemarie

    Hi Jessica! Here is the link to the body warmers. They aren’t all that great but they do work for when I am traveling in the cold truck. If I am about doing housework sometimes they will bunch up but if I am just using it to travel it stays in place rather well.

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      Thanks for the link, Rosemarie!
      I looked at the site, and those body warmers do look interesting! I can see how they would be useful for traveling, or for emergency situations, too.

  4. Susanne

    Will work through the language / temperature unit differences to answer from the UK. Our winter is usually wet rather than cold, but minus 2C (28F) this morning and sunshine. I have been skirts and dresses only for nearly 14 years, live in the country and have dogs to walk. I always wear a slip anyway, all skirts min 4 inches south of the knee. In winter I wear different thickness tights (pantyhose) from light to thick and woolly depends on temp.

    This year almost all my newest winter clothes are dresses (the fashion industry doesn’t seem to be offering longer skirts). So I wear warm tops under my dress and a coat over the top.

    The biggest ‘inconvenience’ in winter is the skirt getting soaked, but then so would trousers (pants) ! Remember all women wore nothing but skirts in all climates until feminism. Why has it only become difficult now we have cars and central heating !?

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      “Why has it only become difficult now we have cars and central heating”-ha, ha! I agree with that sentiment!
      I think many people want convenience and conformity to the “norm” more than they want modesty–that’s the bottom line. However, it is a great inspiration to see your perseverance and enjoyment in wearing modest and feminine skirts and dresses!

  5. Susanne

    One reason is that wearing a skirt has come to be seen as ‘dressing up’ so when women buy skirts and dresses they tend to by ones which are impractical. Usually too tight and too short. Also it has become unusual to wear the appropriate underwear – many women hardly own a slip let alone the petticoats which were part of normal dress for our great grandparents. Also because so few families dress their daughters in skirts everyday (not just special occasions) and mothers don’t teach daughters modesty in a skirt, women are just not used to sitting and moving properly.

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  6. Ruth

    I love denim skirts too for the cold weather. Together with leggings and boots i keep warm well below freezing.
    Since i life in a sense unique with no road and sometimes heavy snowfall here in the Alps i use snowpants to go out if there is a lot of snow. Long skirts coated with snow keep damp for a long time.
    As much as women used to wear long dresses since ever, we also have to be aware that in certain climates, women beeing damp and chilly for most parts of winter ( in houses without proper heating often) has contributed to health problems such as rheumatism artritis and more.
    I usually quickly Change again into a skirt if i come home.
    But it really IS so that a skirt worn with warm undergarments actually really keeps you warmer than just pants. Especially with chilly winds blowing.

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      I love hearing your perspective from the Alps, Ruth! Thank you!
      I agree that there may be situations where some other garment, such as snow pants in your example, would be appropriate. However, as you point out, those are exceptions, since normally speaking, skirts are very warm in the winter!

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  7. Diana J.

    I love your new site! It’s so beautiful! Congratulations!!

    Down here, I can’t complain about the weather compared to y’all – it never goes below 25F, and as I mentioned on another post, I don’t even have any shoes other than flip-flops. (And one pair of dress shoes, though I need to remedy that!)

    But during December/January, when it is “colder,” I do go to exclusively ankle-length denim skirts (YAY, love them!), and also add another, softer, skirt underneath (which is what I’m wearing right now). In essence, it’s adding a petticoat for warmth, and it works beautifully. I also want to purchase some leggings so that I can try that – both during the winter for warmth, and lighter, shorter ones during the summer for modesty.

    Like Susanne said above, how did women wear skirts around the calendar year for centuries, but suddenly skirts are “totally impractical” now – even though many women are doing much less physical labor now than then? It’s all about the type of skirts we wear! (And our expectations and mindset, too, of course.) I used to wear the “totally impractical” type – synthetic, uncomfortable, non-movable, and only bearable for church or a short outing. Now that I’ve gone to practical skirts and tops, living in them for almost six years has been a snap!!

    Can’t wait to read your new site!! 🙂

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      I really appreciate the compliments, Diana!
      Your idea of wearing a soft skirt under a denim skirt for warmth is really good! Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a sensitive stomach, so that if I layer up TOO much, it puts pressure on my abdomen and causes me to cramp up. So, I try to get away with as few layers as possible. Dresses would be great–if it wasn’t for nursing. But, I think that your idea sounds great for those who can have the extra layer! I do wear leggings, but somehow, they don’t seem to bother me too much. Maybe it’s because they have a flat, stretchy waist instead of a gathered one.

      I also agree with what both you and Susanne mentioned about skirts being unpractical mostly in our imaginations, but being very practical (if worn the right way) in everyday life.


      1. Susanne

        A full slip is the easiest because it avoids the extra waistband. The trick is to leave the straps longer so that they can be slid down your shoulders to give access for nursing. Tip from my SIL.

        1. Post
    1. Post
  8. Ruth

    For a long time i have been sewing most of my skirts myself for it is hard to find modest ones.
    I’m exited to share with y’all that i found out that muslim clothing web sites provide tons of VERY nice skirts and dresses.
    For all seasons.
    Maybe for you thats old news but i never had the idea before to ‘surf’ in this direction
    I might order there one of these days but i’m not sure yet if this is ok from a Christian view point.
    Shame on Christianity tough that one has to go to Muslim or Jewish websites or stores to buy decent clothing.
    Any opinions?
    Love always Ruth

    1. SusanneT

      Sadly because of the march of feminism and secularism mainstream Christians fine it very hard to accept that God puts a clear obligation upon all women to dress modestly and to dress as women.

      I visit a lot of Catholic forum where any suggestion that women should wear skirts and should keep their bodies for God and their husband is met with howls of feminist outrage.

      More conservative Protestants and even Moslem women do however show us an example on this and many moral issues.

      I wish Christian society and Christian men were much more firm in giving us and our daughters guidance.

    2. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      Dear Ruth,
      I have seen some Muslim clothing sites, and you’re right, that some of the dresses are very pretty!
      However, I kind of feel conflicted about purchasing from those sites, too . . .

  9. Sanae.T

    I think that this is difficult problem.In UK,Uniqlo deals with Hana Tajima(Muslima Japanese British designer) collection.Her collection is called ‘modest line’in Japan, 12 uniqlo stores and official online store deals with it.First target of the collection is off course muslimas,but it’s not only for them.I heard that many non muslima Japanese women bought her collection,because of its exotic,elegant style.This phenomenon seems to be near neutral religiously,because I guess most Japanese ladies who bought her collection do not have any intence to support Isram.They just like its modest simple style.

    Fortunately it is still not so difficult to find long skirts and long one piece dress in Japan,especially at secondhand shop. The other day I found an online store which sells Amish-like dress.Its designer was inspired by Amish and their life style.

    I think that clothing of conservative Jews and muslimas gives us good tips.I still have a long-sleeved blouse which my Bangladeshi muslima penpal gave several years ago.

    Many conservative Jews and muslim(especially the latter)have observation and bias that Christian women are generally inmodest,I heard.Knowing modest christian ladies can give them good impact which breaks the observation.This maybe good side of buying cloths at Jew and muslim shops and their website.

    I do not know as for Jews,but some islamic people hope us christians to be muslim/muslima.
    modest christians are also good people to share islam for them.I knew this fact by my personal experience.
    And this fact makes me feel difficult to buy cloths at muslim online shop for muslimas.As you say,we christians ourselves should solve this problem,one that we can hardly find modest cloths.

    I think that buying cloths at Jew/Muslim website contains good side and difficult side.We need to pray,I think.May God giveth you answer,the one best for you.

  10. Ruth

    Thanks friends, for your opinions.
    It has been helpfull.
    I have decided that (for the Moment at least) i will not purchase from the
    Muslim clothing store (www. muslim- ,if any one is interested)
    I checked out the site and (of course) they also carry abbaya and hijab and so forth.
    While i find the skirts section still tempting i dont feel comfortable to give out my
    email address and other information to them.
    I will use the skirts for Inspiration and make them myself :-).
    The reason for this is that in Europe at least Muslims do a LOT of missionary work. So in case that any Information might be passed on i prefer not to become ‘targeted’.

    1. Post
  11. Ruth

    We live in a place that is a popular tourist region(ever heard of the ‘Jungfraujoch’?) with people from Arab countries, so we see many Muslims around.
    While many of them wear Niqabs that only leave a little opening for the eyes, many ladies wear clothing that is very feminin, even fashionate, yet totally modest.
    We definitely can gain some example from them.
    Of course, Muslim women might not all cover out of merely spiritual reasons,maybe more cultural reasons, they might inwardly not be modest at all,
    yet as our church does a lot of missionary afford among these tourists, it is important to be Aware what we wear.
    It is extremely unappropriet if some of our Christian ladies wear flimsy clothes
    while telling themselves(and others) that Jesus ‘only looks at the heart’.
    One should fit with the other, i think.
    This way we CAN be a testamony too as modestly dressed Christian ladies.
    Sometimes i can find decent skirts in the stores but often the fabric is sheer or they are too tight or have slits. I find i always have to do something to the skirts i buy ;-).
    So sewing is nice for me since i like skirts with plenty room. Thats why i was thrilled with the Option mentioned.

    1. Post
      Jessica Roldan

      I absolutely agree with you, Ruth!: our outside should match our inside.
      I, too, have trouble finding modest skirts, especially for my daughters. However, at least for me, I’ve found that most denim tiered skirts are long and loose enough to be modest and can be found easily online. As you know, I also like New Creation Apparel. Their regular skirts don’t work too well for me since they don’t have elastic waists (even though I recently saw a couple on their site that did!), but I love their maternity skirts, which have flexible cotton bands across the belly, with adjustable elastic.

  12. Sanae.T

    Yes,I know JungFraujoch. My old friend(also my church mate) visited there with her husband in 2016,showed me photos she took there.She also had occasion to attend church service in Switzerland,said she was impressed by atmosphere that respects God.

    When I was a university student,I had an occasion to talk with one female missionary of Islam.She told me that many Europeans convert Isram.I was not sure about what she said then,but later I learned it was the fact.

    We should be fundamental in obeying God.Secular christianity can not answer enough to those who are thirsting for God,seeking truth,I guess.

    Nowadays many Indonesians and Malaysian tourists visit Japan.Most of them are islamic.I often see them at train stations.They wear long loose blouse and pants,and hijab generally.
    I have never heard of Japanese churches trying to share gospel with them.Maybe because we are too small group in this country.So I was surprised to know about mission by your church people for muslim tourists.As you say,what we wear is very important,I think.

    Thanks Ruth for giving oportunity to talk with this issue.May God bless you abundantly.

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